Well-being focused

Custom Coastal  Architecture




The Experiential Path of Architecture

Sail appreciates the experiential path of arrival, entry, moving through, and using the variety of spaces and exiting structures.

Our designs contribute to how that process feels, delights, and benefits the user. As a sailor, the experience of calm seas or a fresh breeze are different but delightful depending on the energy and mindset of the day. Because there are so many types of people, personalities, and intelligence, Sail spends time getting to know their clients in order to custom design homes that “fit” their clients, perfectly enhancing their daily experiences and setting the stage to thrive.

Spaces that provide the right mood– whether energetic and family-oriented or Zen-focused and relaxing, are thoughtfully designed for scale, views, light, organization, and the way it connects to nature physically and visually. With careful consideration of the site, solar orientation, and sustainability, our designs are high performance in minimizing climate impact while maximizing the benefit to wellbeing.

Finely tuning your super sexy modern home for your highest performance is our goal, and you can feel great about your contribution to improving the climate for all.