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SAIL Architects is a woman-owned Architecture Firm specializing in Coastal Contemporary design with an emphasis on mindfulness, wellbeing, and environmentally sound construction.

“The WELL Building Standard is founded on the understanding that facets of our environment interact with personal, genetic, and behavioral factors to shape our overall health and well-being.

WELL recognizes that many behaviors are subconsciously dictated by external cues, and thus it carefully considers interactions between humans and the built environment that shape not only our physical health but also our behavior.”

Meet Our Founder

Jessica Williams

Principal and Founder
Mother, Wife, Dog Owner

Jessica Williams, AIA, WELL AP is creating a world where her designs and buildings both make more energy than they use and provide a perfectly fine-tuned vessel for her clients to succeed at a lifetime of high performance and well-being.

As a WELL AP and neuroscience-based architect, Jessica’s designs capture the specific mindset, personality, and healthy criteria of her clients. She designs with loads of trace paper, sharpies, markers, as well as chipboard models and finds the magic in the site, sun, surroundings, and environment as they contribute to the best approach for her clients before she shifts to 3D modeling on the computer. “The brilliance comes down my arm to the page.”

In order to provide the best service for her clients, Jessica pauses everything to be 100% present with the person in front of her. At Sail, we are listeners first. Jessica has a quick intuition and will still think about your project day and night.

Jessica has a fresh design eye and is inspired to solve things for the future and legacy. She often achieves this with modern details and carefully selected materials, balanced with familiar building forms. She values craftsmanship and building traditions and has an ease with all trades to collect their meaningful input. In-house, Jessica has a team of experts that contribute to the success of SAIL.
Jessica is a local expert and bulldog advocate in the permitting process.
Amidst a landscape of traditional styles and sameness, she knows the rules so you can break them subtlety and beautifully.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist” – Pablo Picasso.

When she is not enveloped in rolls of trace paper, you can find her on her Sandpiper Catboat in 8 kts or on her kiteboard in 15 kts in Duxbury Bay. Sometimes she’s there with her 3 dogs and kids but most often she’s sailing with her husband, Forrest, or lots of women on her “Ladies Sailing” nights. The ocean, wind, and sails are in her blood.

While raising her children, completing architecture school, and navigating life, she opened Williams Design Studio in 2001, designing all types of projects from mudrooms to 8000 Sf Shingle Style houses. Her designs have always been about the experiential path and how architecture affects our comfort, movement, and can enrich our lives. With the kids growing more independent, Jessica has refocused her practice on what feels right to her – sustainable design, coastal contemporary style, and careful consideration for the well-being of her clients. She has been on her own experiential path and decided this narrower path is the right fit. She opened Sail Architects in the fall of 2021 with a renewed excitement and mindset toward these goals.

Come join her on this new journey, you never know where it might lead.

Sexy Modern Design

Well Being

Unlock a harmonious living experience with SAIL’s use of innovative WELL methods. Our approach tailors your physical environment to align seamlessly with your daily priorities. Whether it’s creating a sun-soaked patio for essential vitamin D, a serene Zen den for yoga and meditation, a vibrant rooftop garden to connect with nature, or an indulgent bathtub with a view to nourish your soul – we design spaces that prioritize your well-being. Elevate your lifestyle with SAIL’s transformative approach today.


Keep true to the practice of good architecture as outlined by the AIA 2030 commitment toward the carbon-neutral building, we follow design principles that reflect our interest in being good stewards of the earth. As the practice of assuring that our designs nourish our clients, we are also thinking about the generations to follow.


We take the lessons of traditional architecture and break the rules, just enough to provide a twist on the original and provide fresh clean details for modern lifestyles. Using cutting-edge technology in the systems and materials enables us to design the perfect combination of sustainable and sexy.