Edgewater Transformation

He grew up in New England, she is a California girl and they split time between the two. When it came time to renovate his original bachelor pad into a zen-summer retreat for this couple, they not only merged lifestyles but also architectural styles.

While the original ranch was not much to look at, it had a feature that was unique. Its low orientation provided a framed view like looking through a lens to the harbor. This view could be experienced from a few areas on the site, and by creating an experiential pathway from the road/driveway into the house, this hidden gem reveals itself in a beautiful way.

Simplistic details, new big windows, huge sliding doors, and custom lead-coated copper gutters give the house a modern upgrade and the yellow cedar shingles keep the New England flavor. The landscaping elements enhance the design.

Contractor: Don Devaney

Landscape Design: Paul Ripley