Welcome to a clutter-free and joyful 2024! In the wise words of Jessica Williams, “Clutter in your house becomes clutter in your brain, let’s fix that!” This year, I’ve experienced a taste of my own medicine with a transformative realization that not only impacted my physical space but also positively influenced my mental well-being. Join me on a journey of decluttering and discover some mouse-proof solutions that have made a significant difference in my life.

Decluttering Revelation: For years, I’ve been advocating for a clutter-free home to enhance overall well-being. However, I realized that I wasn’t practicing what I preached. The presence of a mouse in my 1890s farmhouse served as a wake-up call. Instead of feeling deflated, I chose gratitude because this unexpected visitor (or rather the night-club for mice in my pantry) prompted me to address the clutter causing me stress and anxiety.

My Decluttering Adventure: The mouse incident  – finding droppings in my pantry- led me to embark on a thorough cleaning spree – from the pantry to drawers and beyond. The result? A cleaner, organized home that not only canceled the mice from clubbing-it chez Williams but also cleared the mental fog. The process wasn’t just about cleanliness; it was an opportunity for self-discovery and positive change.  This is stage one – tune in for more mental decluttering tips for 2024 by signing up for my newsletter HERE.

My Top Mouse-Proof Purchases for a Clutter-Free 2024:

  1. OXO Containers for a Neat Pantry: Say goodbye to messy pantries and unwanted guests with clear OXO containers. These storage solutions not only keep everything visible and organized but also deter mice from invading your food supplies. Fresh food, a smart mind, and a clutter-free space – a triple win!
  2. Simple Human Dog Food Storage: Ensure your furry friends’ treats stay secure with Simple Human Dog Food storage. The mouse-proof lid and convenient design make it a game-changer for maintaining a clean and organized pet area. Plus, the built-in rollers add a touch of convenience to your daily routine.
  3. LYNK Under Sink Slide Out: Transform your under-sink chaos into an organized haven with LYNK’s under sink slide-out solution. Consolidate cleaning supplies, discard unnecessary items, and bid farewell to the mouse-club entry point. This victory not only decluttered my space but also brought a sense of relief.

Embrace a Clutter-Free 2024: As we welcome the new year, consider kickstarting it with a decluttering initiative. Whether it’s reorganizing your pantry, securing pet supplies, or tackling hidden spaces like under the sink, small changes can yield significant results. Cheers to a happy, clutter-free home in 2024!

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Happy New Year and Happy Decluttering!

Cheers, Jessica